The Good Listening To: The Story Behind Your Story Show!

99 Welcome To The Clearing: Mike Dilke Host Of "The Relaxback UK Show" on UK Health Radio!

January 26, 2022 Chris Grimes - Facilitator. Coach. Motivational Comedian Season 1 Episode 99
The Good Listening To: The Story Behind Your Story Show!
99 Welcome To The Clearing: Mike Dilke Host Of "The Relaxback UK Show" on UK Health Radio!
Show Notes

Please welcome Mike Dilke - Back & Ergonomic Products Expert & host of "The Relaxback Show" on UK Health Radio.

As we share a relaxed bit of back-chat (see what we're doing here?!) about all things healthy back!

Do you have back pain? Or would you like to know more about how to avoid it in the first place? 

If so, then "sit back - relax - and enjoy the show!" as Mike Dilke and I  “blow a bit of reciprocal smoke” at each other to share audiences from our respective UK Health Radio Shows!

"The Relaxback UK Show" on UK Health Radio has been hosted by Mike Dilke since 2017.

Mike Dilke also runs the Relaxback UK Company that provides ergonomic equipment to help people with back pain or help to ensure they avoid it in the first place.

Website – Twitter handle – @relaxbackuk

Mike Dilke is a Civil Engineer, who became a Broadcaster and a Podcaster when his Professional Consultancy career eventually ended in an unacknowledged recession, created by the Noughties’ austerity measures. 

A yoga enthusiast, Mike designed a means of turning the human body upside down safely at home and tried, unsuccessfully, to secure a patent for his invention. Instead he became a business person in his own right as the UK distributor of an ergonomic, musculoskeletal Swedish chair that ensures better posture and less back pain. It also stimulates more healthy movement. 

Mike Dilke then met Johann Ilgenfritz, the founder of UK Health Radio and the two characters gelled instantly. No slouch by anybody’s standards, Mike is a family man with an unusual sense of humour, possibly related to his own unusual internal wiring system. Take cricket, for example. When he plays, which admittedly is not often these days, he is a right-handed batsman and a left-handed bowler. Yet he is not ambidextrous and by his own definition, he is just a bit weird. 

He constantly sees things as funny which others may not even see at all. Mike met his scientist wife in the first week of his first year at University and married her a few years later. Together they have a boy and a girl who are now teenagers. And a dog. 

Mike regularly turns to his wife and his children for guidance and inspiration for his weekly programme on UK Health Radio and his Podcast. As he has never studied or practised medicine, Mike makes the most of his natural curiosity to question people on subjects that interest him. He asks the questions that the (intelligent) man in the street might ask and explores issues with courage as well as good humour. For example, recent programmes have found him having his Liver tested and asking all kinds of questions on that vital but often neglected organ. Ignorance, he finds, can be a real advantage if used effectively. On another occasion, Mike used Dry January as a sound reason to explore the growing popularity of high quality alcohol-free drinks. 

The conversation in this episode travels through time and across the world with eccentric charm and occasionally chaotic cul de sacs. Overall and in the end, the posture of the pair is just about perfect. 

Mike’s mission to relieve back pain in as many people as possible and raise a laugh or two along the way is certainly above criticism. Chris Grimes’ improvisation skills are tested in real time when Mike leaves the Zoom meeting to get himself a glass of water. Altogether a surprising and rewarding encounter where the lack of editing adds to its authenticity!   

Reg Starkey
Editor - UK Health triangle Magazine

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