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98 Welcome To The Clearing: Boogie-Wonder-Wonder-Pants & Jazz Musician Sensation, The Real Deal Tom Seals!

January 21, 2022 Chris Grimes - Facilitator. Coach. Motivational Comedian Season 1 Episode 98
The Good Listening To: The Story Behind Your Story Show!
98 Welcome To The Clearing: Boogie-Wonder-Wonder-Pants & Jazz Musician Sensation, The Real Deal Tom Seals!
Show Notes

Ladies n' Genminminmin (er, min...) please welcome Tom Seals to The Clearing!

For The Story Behind The Story Of  ‘The Man Behind the Keys’ Of Boogie-Woogie-Wonder Pants & Jazz Musician Sensation - The Real Deal Tom Seals!

To quote his own Hero Jools Holland: "Fantastic feel, fantastic voice, the wonderful Tom Seals!"

He has also been described as being "A master of the piano and with vocals to pierce your soul - a Boogie-boogie-Genuis!"

I was very recently introduced to Tom Seals c/o his lovely Agent Juliet Matthews as we have a venue in France in common!

It's where I do my INSTANT WIT Comedy Improvisation "Laughter Lab" Workshops each year and where Tom is due to be hosting a "Boogie Woogie Weekend" 3 months after me!

Tom Seals is a man definitely on the ascension.  He has been lauded as being "quite possibly the future of Jazz, Blues & Pop!" and as I say to him in the Podcast: "I'm glad to have caught you here in The Clearung before you 'Rocket Man'!" (see what I'm doing there, as he's also been compared to Elton John!)

His new show format, devised during lockdown "The Tom Seals Show in Isolation" was picked up by Sky TV for its own 13 Show Season.

Tom Seals has played with the likes of Jools Holland, Gregory Porter, Jamie Cullum, Dame Cleo Lane, Hugh Laurie, Katie Tunstall, Billy Joel and Sting to name but few!
Scales have played an important part in Tom Seals’ life. As a lad, his older sister got him to play them for her on a simple keyboard to help her with her singing practice. 

More about Tom:

At 18 a record company told Tom he needed to lose a lot of weight (3 stone) before they would even talk to him. He himself has always been acutely aware of his ginger hair, his glasses and of ‘carrying more weight than his frame might otherwise wish’. 

At 10 writing his first autobiography, Tom recorded his admiration for Jools Holland. He now plays piano with him 7 or 8 times a year. When Tom Seals was playing pub gigs for fifty quid as a teenager, he set himself 3 ambitious goals: to play piano at Ronnie Scott’s, to be broadcast on BBC Radio 2 and to appear on stage with his band at the Royal Albert Hall. Still in his twenties, Tom has achieved his first two goals and has this year been invited to represent the best of what Britain has to offer at the international Expo in Dubai. 

Tom Seals may travel the world but he still lives in Crewe - with his partner and lifelong friend, Laura and their dog, Charlie. 

Tom’s grandfather on his dad’s side had a big band called ‘The Versatile Concert Orchestra’. His grandfather on his mum’s side was a role model and childhood hero. Tom still has the highest respect for his mother’s work ethic and wisdom. 

He remains a family man through and through. Self-employed and self-motivated, Tom Seals’ focus is on musical achievement rather than just money. He loves his life and appreciates the rewards for his energy and effort. The smart money is in no doubt that this is a young man with a world of opportunity in front of him. 

Jools Holland described him as “wonderful."  Tom’s spectacular versatility on stage makes him hard to label. “If you like good music and incredible musicianship, you’ll like my band.”
Tom also quotes a line from Billy Joel: "I’d rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints". Tom Seals will definitely be in that number, singing and laughing, when the saints really do ‘go marching in.’

Reg Starkey
Editor - Health Triangle Magazine

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