The Good Listening To: The Story Behind Your Story Show!

96 Welcome To The Clearing: Broadcasting Legend, Occasional Mermaid & Founder of "The Sober Club" Janey Lee Grace!

January 13, 2022 Chris Grimes - Facilitator. Coach. Motivational Comedian
The Good Listening To: The Story Behind Your Story Show!
96 Welcome To The Clearing: Broadcasting Legend, Occasional Mermaid & Founder of "The Sober Club" Janey Lee Grace!
Show Notes

Ohhhhh yes! Ladies n' Genminminminmin (er, min...) please welcome to The Good Listening To Podcast "Clearing" for her 'damn good listening to' Presenter & Broadcasting legend Janey Lee Grace!

With the sea-scapes of St Ives for her 'serious happy place' or "Clearing", Janey is an occasional Mermaid (that can't swim!) and constantly distracted by shiny things! Listen and all will become clear (and shiny!)

"I wanted to change the world but got distracted by something shiny!"

You join us for a special "Show within a Show within a Show " (You're welcome! And how very Shakeseperean!) as Janey is also a fellow-Presenter with me on UK Health Radio, with her own show "The Natural Health & Sobriety Show"

Janey's passion is all in pursuance of "optimum health & wellbeing underpinned by sobriety".

Janey Lee Grace is known to over 9 million listeners via BBC Radio 2's "The Steve Wright Show". She's author of 5 books on holistic living and runs the popular natural products recommendations site Imperfectly Natural.

Janey writes columns for many magazines having ditched the booze - plus she's given a TEDx talk called ‘Sobriety Rocks – Who Knew?!’

She founded The Sober Club offering inspiration and support for people wanting to focus on optimum health and wellbeing underpinned by sobriety.

More about Janey Lee Grace:

"Janey Lee Grace describes herself as a broadcaster, author and coach. She is all of that and much, much more. 

Her Ted Talk sets a benchmark for precision, coherence, clarity and surprise. Janey Lee Grace has had no fewer than 4 children and an extraordinarily colourful life. Who else can claim to have been commissioned by Mattel to present Barbie Doll as a rock chick? Who else can claim to have founded The Sober Club? Who else is so busy they have to diarise time to be beside the sea for their own mental health? 

Janey Lee Grace has a holistic approach to life, which no longer includes any alcohol any time. She now encourages others to ditch their win-or-lose-on-the-booze approach to daily life - but only if the idea appeals to them. She proclaims that it is as valid a lifestyle choice as for example, becoming a vegan. 

Janey Lee Grace reminds us that alcohol is the only drug you will be challenged for not using. She positively enjoys helping people reach their full potential without the distraction that alcohol provides. 

Janey Lee Grace acknowledges and accepts imperfection. She glorifies authenticity and action. In her words “You don’t have to get it right. You do have to get it going!” Listen. You will learn something!

She is also the founder of The Sober Club"

Reg Starkey
Editor, UK Health Triangle Magazine


“The Good Listening To: Your Life & Times With Me Chris Grimes!” is the Show & Podcast series that features “The Clearing” (or 'Serious Happy Place' of your choosing)

The Clearing is where all good Questions come to be asked - and all good Stories come to be told…

Think 'Desert Island Discs' but in a Clearing - and with Stories rather than Music!

With some lovely juicy Storytelling metaphors to also enjoy along the way:

The Clearing itself - a Tree - a lovely juicy Storytelling exercise called “5-4-3-2-1” - some Alchemy - some Gold - a couple of random Squirrels - a cheeky bit of Shakespeare - and a CAKE!

So it’s all to play for! 


(…and indeed Huzzah!)