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94 Welcome To The Clearing, Complete with Red Carpet: TV Presenter - Broadcasting Legend - "Our Man in Hollywood!" Ross King (MBE)

January 09, 2022 Chris Grimes - Facilitator. Coach. Motivational Comedian Season 1 Episode 94
Stories of Distinction & Genius
94 Welcome To The Clearing, Complete with Red Carpet: TV Presenter - Broadcasting Legend - "Our Man in Hollywood!" Ross King (MBE)
Show Notes

Ladies n' Genminminminmin (er, min...) welcome to a very exciting Episode indeed! Yes, it's  'roll out the Red Carpet' time here in "The Good Listening To Show" Clearing as we warmly welcome Scottish TV Presenter & Broadcasting legend Ross King (MBE).

Ross King is nothing short of a Broadcasting legend with 4 News Emmys, 2 Sony Awards, 1 Golden Mic  - a Cycling Proficiency Test Certificate - a 25M Breastroke Certificate - a Duke of Edinburgh Award - and an Alan Partridge in a Pear Tree!

 A man completely at home on the red carpets of Hollywood at both the Oscars & the Golden Globes and always with his finger on the pulse of all the Showbizz news & gossip: As "Our Man in Hollywood" for the likes of the "Lorraine" Programme on ITV and "Good Morning Britain"!

Multi-talented, multi-award-winning Hollywood ‘leg-end’ Ross King is delightfully self-deprecating. Talking about his childhood dreams of playing professional football for Partick Thistle-nil, as he says Billy Connolly always called them, he quotes the manager’s assessment of his talent in these words: “You’ll wear out more mirrors, son, than football boots!” 

Or in reference to one of his many superstar interviews: “As George Clooney once said to me - ‘Get out of my garden!’” Ross King likes to make people laugh and is very happy to be the butt of the joke if that’s what does the job. 

A great impressionist too with Sean Connory & Roger Moore to name but 2 (Ross is a self-confessed James Bond obsessive) with Ronnie Corbett as a cheeky-chappyand-much-shorter-chaser!

He still describes himself as ‘a silly boy from Glasgow’ who is delighted on a daily basis to be ‘a silly boy in Hollywood’. Ross King‘s feet remain comfortably on the ground, while his head  is in the clouds. He says he is “too blessed to be stressed “. 

He constantly acknowledges all the people who have helped him get to where he is today - starting with his mum, dad and sister, moving on to his Maths Teacher, Roddy Hood, not for teaching him primary numbers or Pythagoras but for pointing him towards Hospital Radio aged 15. A year or so later, this led directly to Ross becoming the ‘Saturday Boy’ for Radio Clyde. 

This good grounding experience as general factotum/gofer on live sports broadcasts provided Ross King with an early and an excellent show business portal. The record shows he made the most of it with a diverse and impressive body of work in various media for a variety of countries. 

Now with writing partner, Shari Low, Ross King has produced two books under the nom de plume Shari King. These are published by Macmillan and now the team has a third sparkling forward in the creative process. 

When Ross said he has red eyes, it’s no wonder, given how much he has set himself to do. He is a humble man and yet he has so much to be proud of - some of which he talks about here. 

Listen up and be delighted! 
Reg Starkey 
Editor, Health Triangle Magazine

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