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93 The Good Listening To 'Brand Strand' Episode: Angie McQuillin - Confidence & Career Success Coach

December 17, 2021 Chris Grimes - Facilitator. Coach. Motivational Comedian Season 1 Episode 93
Stories of Distinction & Genius
93 The Good Listening To 'Brand Strand' Episode: Angie McQuillin - Confidence & Career Success Coach
Show Notes

In The Clearing: Life-Changer, Warrioress, LinkedIn Trailblazer, Confidence & Career Success Coach, Roller Skater, Wild Swimmer & Awesome Pants Angie McQuillin!

"Brand Strand" is where I wrap an episode of the Podcast around a particular individual or company to help amplify their Company or Pesonal Brand:

"Who are you? What's your story and what do you do?" 

Former people-pleaser and dedicated dog- lover, Angie McQuillin spent many  superficially successful years in the corporate world before launching out on her own to share the truth as she sees it. 

An atheist with a degree in Psychology, Angie was 30 something when she experienced her spiritual awakening and committed herself over time to living her individual coaching dream on a daily basis rather than compromising her personal integrity on the popular measures of salary, status and prospects. She admits that she is obsessed with honesty in all of her dealings, at work and at home. Not the brutal honesty of expressing judgment at every opportunity or the simplistic minimum of not telling lies but a rigorous honesty based on core values and vulnerability, expressed with intelligence and sensitivity. 

Angie is inspired by her client’s’ willingness to identify their own self limiting beliefs and change their behaviour for the better. It’s a gamechanger and everybody benefits! For Angie, authenticity is not measured in the money you earn, the car you drive or the clothes you wear. It’s about being free from fear, free from shame and never being afraid to speak up for what you truly believe in. 

Angie practises what she preaches. She earns enough money to live the life she enjoys. She works hard but not compulsively. She walks her dog Louis every day ‘through fields and forests.’ She drives a camper van. She loves having ‘wheels on her feet, the sun on her face and the wind in her hair.’ She likes wild swimming and recognises the value of regular meditation. Angie says and you believe her: “I’d rather be disliked for who I am than liked for who I’m not.” Angie is very open and very direct. 

She no longer needs any of the old measures of validation to reinforce her once fragile self-esteem. Angie now knows she has always been good enough. She doesn’t need L’Oreal or anyone else to tell her she’s worth it - but if they do Angie will be delighted to acknowledge the compliment. 

For her, honest human connection is at the heart of genuine authenticity. Personal development takes time, work and commitment. As Angie might have said:”By the inch it’s a cinch. By the yard it’s hard.”

Angie McQuillin is someone well worth discovering.

Reg Starkey
Editor, Health Triangle Magazine 

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