The Good Listening To Show: Stories of Distinction & Genius

66 Welcome To The Clearing: Improbable Theatre Director - The Incomparable Phelim McDermott!

August 22, 2021 Chris Grimes - Facilitator. Coach. Motivational Comedian Season 4 Episode 12
The Good Listening To Show: Stories of Distinction & Genius
66 Welcome To The Clearing: Improbable Theatre Director - The Incomparable Phelim McDermott!
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Ohhhhh yes!

Ladies n' Genminmin (er min...)

Welcome to a particularly exciting Episode (in 2 Parts!) of "The Good Listening To Show: Your Life & Times With Me Chris Grimes!"

Please welcome to "The Clearing" the incomparable Phelim McDermott from Improbable Theatre: Director, Pioneeing Improviser, Theatre Maker & Conversation Starter.  

With a Flotation Tank as his "Clearing" to assist in his 'going deep' whenever a creative endeavour requires, this is a rich and multi-layered conversation indeed. 

Includes the "world exclusive reveal" of Phelim and Improbable's desire for a "Homecoming" to a dedicated Curated Space to call their HOME at last - called "The Gathering".

"If you build it - they will come!"

With the vision to build a Community - an Empty Curated Space - for Creativity in all its forms to happen.

And resonating beautifully with my own sense of what a Clearing truly is: A Comedy Improvisational "Empty Space" brimming and charged with potential, where anything is possible, with the underlying Mindset of "Yes and..."

"Yes and..." the very building blocks of Creativity...

How exciting!

We even use a "Dream Door" (one of Phelim's constructs that we hit upon as we talk) to segue between Parts 1 + 2 of the Programme, as we realise that we're overrunning together and we improvise a bridge between 2 Episodes! (But here as one long Episode - for your enjoyment and delictation - on Buzzsprout!)

Hurrah and indeed Huzzah!


A lovely, rich and immersive (see what I'm doing there?!) conversation indeed!

"Your Life & Times With Me Chris Grimes!" is my Weekly Show version of "The Good Listening To Podcast" on UK Health Radio, with a potential audience reach of 1.2 Million!

It's the feelgood Storytelling Show that brings you "The Clearing": Where all good QUESTIONS come to be asked - and all good STORIES come to be told...

Think "Desert Island Discs" but in a Clearing - and with Stories rather than Music!

There are some lovely juicy storytelling metaphors to also enjoy along the way:

The Clearing itself - A Tree (where we get to "shake your tree to see which storytelling apples fall out, in the form of a lovely storytelling exercise called "5-4-3-2-1") - some Alchemy - some Gold - some Shakespare - and a Cake!

Also think about William Shakespeare - and about Jaques in "As You Like It" in particular:

"All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages..."

And as my Guest in the Podcast:  Now is your 'moment in the sunshine' to share your story!

"Who are you? What's your story? And what 'life-lessons-learned-along-th

Tune in next week for more stories of 'Distinction & Genius' from The Good Listening To Show 'Clearing'. If you would like to be my Guest too then you can find out HOW via the different 'series strands' at 'The Good Listening To Show' website.

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Thanks for listening!

Phelim's Clearing!
Shaking The Tree in Phelim's Flotation Tank!
"5-4-3-2-1" : How Dy'a Like THEM Apples?!
The "Dream Door" To Segue Between Parts 1+2!
Where Would You Like To Go Next?! Juggling Pharoas Obviously!
The Sunshine (Weather Exhibition) at the Tate Gallery!
70 Hill Lane + The Poltergeist!
Lifegame & the Joy of Animating Objects
Devoted & Disgruntled: Conversation Starter!
The Joys of "Curating a Space"
The Cake!
Legacy: How would you most like to be remembered Phelim? And introducing the world exclusive of "The Gathering"!