The Good Listening To Podcast: "Your Life & Times With Me Chris Grimes!"

Your Life & Times With Me Chris Grimes (UKHR Ep11): The Motivational Geeza (!) Alex Moyle

August 22, 2021 Chris Grimes - Facilitator. Coach. Motivational Comedian Season 4 Episode 11
The Good Listening To Podcast: "Your Life & Times With Me Chris Grimes!"
Your Life & Times With Me Chris Grimes (UKHR Ep11): The Motivational Geeza (!) Alex Moyle
Show Notes

Welcome to Episode 11 of "The Good Listening To Show" on UK Health Radio: 

"Your Life & Times With Me Chris Grimes!" continues!

Please welcome “Motivational Pants” (!)  himself: Alex Moyle to the Good Listening To Clearing!

"Welcome to Optimistic Moyle Island - with Catch Phrase City as the Capital!"

And Alex also asks the vey important question: "If a fire-fly's bum's on fire - and it does a wee - is there a cold spot?"

As our joyful banta together will explain!

Plus the awarding of an "Olympic Gold Medal" to Alex Moyle during the course of our converation, for being a wonderful "Servant Leader" and an all round awesome, hard-wired-to-be-helpful human being!

Get in!

"Your Life & Times With Me Chris Grimes!" is my Weekly Show version of "The Good Listening To Podcast" on UK Health Radio, with a potential audience reach of 1.2 Million!

It's the feelgood Storytelling Show that brings you "The Clearing": Where all good QUESTIONS come to be asked - and all good STORIES come to be told...

Think "Desert Island Discs" but in a Clearing - and with Stories rather than Music!

There are some lovely juicy storytelling metaphors to also enjoy along the way:

The Clearing itself - A Tree (where we get to "shake your tree to see which storytelling apples fall out, in the form of a lovely storytelling exercise called "5-4-3-2-1") - some Alchemy - some Gold - some Shakespare - and a Cake!

Also think about William Shakespeare - and about Jaques in "As You Like It" in particular:

"All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages..."

And as my Guest in the Podcast:  Now is your 'moment in the sunshine' to share your story!

"Who are you? What's your story? And what 'life-lessons-learned-along-the-way' would you like to share with us?"

And whilst we've got you here in "The Clearing": "What would you like your Legacy to be?  How would you most like to be remembered?"

The Show where all my guests have at least 2 things in common: They are all Creative individuals  - and all with an interesting Story to be told!

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