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136 It's the Biggins! 'Grand Dame' of Pantomime, Actor, Celebrity & National Treasure Christopher Biggins is in The Clearing!

January 07, 2023 Chris Grimes - Facilitator. Coach. Motivational Comedian
Stories of Distinction & Genius
136 It's the Biggins! 'Grand Dame' of Pantomime, Actor, Celebrity & National Treasure Christopher Biggins is in The Clearing!
Show Notes

Ladies n' Genminminmin (er, min...) please welcome Actor, TV Personality, Pantomime Dame, Celebrity &  Legend, Christopher Biggins aka "The Biggins" to the show!
An absolute delight & pleasure to welcome a real live "National Treasure" to the Good Listening To 'Clearing'!  

Biggins (as we well know!) is a British Actor, Media Celebrity,  Compere & 'Grand Dame' of Pantomime. He officially achieved 'National Treasure' status when he won, as the Nation's favourite, "I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!" in 2007.

I refer to him here in this episode very affectionately as being a veritable 'sofa cushion' as Biggins has been a 'happy appendage' to all the sofas of all of our favourite TV programme that you'd care to mention over many many years - and long may that continue!

Listen with glee in true pantomime style, as Biggins explains how he has managed to get 54" in the bedroom ("Oh yes he has!) with his obsession with Television. "Is that a Plasma Screen you have in your bedroom?" Erm etc... 

There is nothing like a Dame and in the world of pantomime, there is no Dame quite like Christopher Biggins!  He has a Lifetime Achievement Award to prove it. "Oh yes he does!"  

Now in his early 70s, Christopher has been performing in pantomime for 50 years. 
When he first entered Dame land  in Darlington all those years ago, the ticket price was under two bob (less than 8p in today’s currency). However Biggins as the star of the show was rewarded more like a professional footballer!

Perhaps that’s why Christopher Biggins’ dream car and 'Clearing' is riding around in a Bentley Continental convertible! Indeed this podcast is conducted with Christopher Biggins in the back and with me Chris Grimes as his imaginary Chauffeur!

Biggins is inspired by the wit and wisdom of the late Oscar Wilde. One particular Wilde quote springs to mind after listening to this particular conversation: “I have the simplest of tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.” 

Christopher Biggins has had a truly fabulous life and he appreciates it wholeheartedly. His parents made sacrifices to send him to private school where Mrs Christian’s elocution lessons smoothed out his West Country burr and prepared him vocally for a travelling actor’s life. Whether in Birmingham or Barbados, our Christopher has worked virtually nonstop ever since. 

A potential petrolhead and pyromaniac, he played Nero in "I Claudius". He played the sex-crazed Vicar in Poldark. He played Lukewarm in Porridge, with Ronnie Barker and Richard Beckinsale. In Rep, in Salisbury and in Bristol, he played umpteen different characters - that was the beauty of Repertory theatre. 

For London Weekend Television, Biggins was co-compère with Cilla Black in ‘Surprise! Surprise!’ Over the years, he has worked with many of the greatest names in the theatre, TV and film - including Cameron Macintosh, John Gielgud, Ralph Richards

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