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128 Welcome To The Clearing: Michael Warburton, the Artful Dodger & 'Twitter Lord'! Actor, Cinephile & Drummer with a Twitter Feed to Die For!

November 04, 2022 Chris Grimes - Facilitator. Coach. Motivational Comedian
Stories of Distinction & Genius
128 Welcome To The Clearing: Michael Warburton, the Artful Dodger & 'Twitter Lord'! Actor, Cinephile & Drummer with a Twitter Feed to Die For!
Show Notes

Ladies n' Genminminminmin (er, min...) look who I've gawn n' snagged in my "Good Listening To" Clearing and Zoom Hole!

The Artful Dodger & 'Twitter Lord' himself, actor Michael Warburton to 'give us our daily bread' (see what I'm doing there?! Even though he's no relation!) on all things Twitter, through his extraordinary depth of knowledge on all things film. 

Check out Michael's amazing Twitter feed @MichaelWarbur17  

(Recorded as a Facebook LIVE too in The Good Listening To Facebook Group)

A fellow Bristol Old Vic Theatre School alumni, Michael Warburton is an accomplished actor, self-confessed cinephile & drummer, all set to 'bang-out' a story or two in the storyscape of "The Good  Listening To Show".  Absolutely delighted to have him here! 

More about Michael "The Twitter Lord" (as I call him!) Warburton: 

Despite having over 90,000 followers on Twitter, Michael Warburton is quite a private person. He reveals himself indirectly by what he chooses to Tweet. He does not wear his heart on his sleeve. He is certainly not an open book. He found fame early, being cast as the Artful Dodger in Oliver after being talent-spotted in a Gang Show singing an Al Jolson song. 

Michael has worked as an actor since he was just 11 years old - apart from all those times he wasn’t working. According to Michael Warburton, 90% of all actors are not working at any one time! The euphemism they used to use was ‘resting’. 

Even though Michael is old enough to remember Black Forest Gateau, ‘resting’ is not a word that he would choose to use. It does not describe being out of work with any authenticity. Michael is not a lovey, he is a worker. When Lockdown strangled almost everyone in show business almost overnight, Michael reverted to type as the Artful Dodger and openly used Twitter to ‘pick a pocket or two.‘ 

Like a street performer of old. he adapted to the era of Social Media to ask for modest financial acknowledgment from strangers for the gems he was sharing with them. It is humble work but honest work. Michael shares anything and everything that genuinely appeals to him from over half a century of colourful life experience. In today’s jargon, Michael has found a way to ‘monetise’ his individual experience and life-cultivated tastes. 

In his own words, he refuses to ‘pander’ to anyone. Michael takes pride in staying true to himself. He is not ashamed of starting life in Hounslow - just like Jack Wild before him and Phil Collins, too. All three were Artful Dodgers in their time. All three came from Hounslow! Michael Warburton is proud to be a genuinely self-made man. He is most inspired by working class heroes like Charlie Chaplin, Mel Brooks and Maya Angelou. Michael keeps his own private life private. He keeps his personal cards very close to his chest - as is his right. He opens up, albeit a bit obliquely, in his daily Twitter feed @MichaelWarbur17 

He shares

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