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120 Welcome To The Clearing: Stewart Wright - Actor, Creative & All Round Prolific Pants & "Jungle Crows" (India Rugby Community Charity) Ambassador

August 29, 2022 Chris Grimes - Facilitator. Coach. Motivational Comedian Season 1 Episode 120
Stories of Distinction & Genius
120 Welcome To The Clearing: Stewart Wright - Actor, Creative & All Round Prolific Pants & "Jungle Crows" (India Rugby Community Charity) Ambassador
Show Notes

"Hi-Diddly-Dee An Actor's Life For Me!" Please welcome Actor, Creative & all round 'prolific pants' Stewart Wright atop a bus on the way to Kathmandu in the halcyon days of being 19 for his 'Clearing', as we talk the combined passions of life, family, rugby and acting.

Recorded also as a Facebook LIVE:

Actor Stewart Wright, soon to be seen as “Devina Delish, the Cross Dressing Plumber” in “Midsomer Murders” and to answer the question that we’ve all been asking: “Dude, Where’s My Donkey?” 

Also due to be appearing as “BS3 Santa” at Tobacco Factory Theatres & Windmill Hill City Farm this Christmas - and as “Barney the Postman” in a Christmas film on Netflix with a cheeky appearance in between in the West End as Richard Burbage (of Shakespeare's Lord Chamberlain Company) in “Upstart Crow” - with David Mitchell as the Bard himself - William Shakespeare!


More about Stewart from Reg Starkey - Editor of UK Health Triangle Magazine:

 Sugar-free Stewart Wright is a fascinatingly competitive  English character actor. He has done remarkably well on TV and in films, as well as on stage. 

When Covid closed theatres but allowed freedom to move, he took his talent onto the streets, knocking on doors in the Christmas season with a degree of success that surprised even him. Stewart displays classical English charm, with traditional reserve. 

His parents were both doctors, who could not heal themselves and chose instead to go their different ways very early in Stewart’s young life. Perhaps it was then that he first picked up the theatrical masks of comedy and tragedy, hiding his true feelings politely in the process? 

He was sent away to boarding  school, where he first trod the boards and got a taste for the ‘smell of the greasepaint and the roar of the crowd’. But where he really excelled was on the rugby field. 

Despite a serious knee injury aged 14, Stewart became Captain of Wellington’s first XV and dreamed daily of playing for England. He was definitely on track when he was selected for an England under 18 trial - but his hopes were shattered by a recurrence of his earlier injury. The possibility of playing professional rugby was kicked savagely into the longest grass. Stewart was left in the lonely field of the eternal subjunctive: the might- have-been. 

Aged 19, footloose and fiancée free, Stewart found his way to Kathmandu, enjoying the excesses of gap-year-style freedom before committing to three years at Drama School back in London. He never stopped watching top quality rugby or loving it - but acting became his new passion. In those early years, Stewart ran through Agents and girlfriends like a precocious child running through newly mown hay. By his own admission, his twenties and most of his thirties were mainly completely out of balance, addictive even. Yet as you can see from his Wikipedia page, they were also full of professional success - particularly in TV and on film, including now a new Bollywood biopic on Rugby as Paul Walsh and numerous new creative projects. 

For Stewart, his new and better-balanced life only really began at 40, when he got married to Celia and started his own family. The wild child, wounded by his own parents’ divorce, was determined to create a secure, stable and loving environment for his wife and their two young sons. Meaningful creative work remains enormously important to this recently rebalanced individual - but family is now infinitely more important. 

Check him out. He remains highly competitive…Stewart Wright may once have been a headache - but he never was a bore!