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119 Welcome To The Clearing: Adam Crowther BBC Presenter, Broadcaster & Curator of New Talent c/o BBC 'Upload'

July 27, 2022 Chris Grimes - Facilitator. Coach. Motivational Comedian Season 1 Episode 119
Stories of Distinction & Genius
119 Welcome To The Clearing: Adam Crowther BBC Presenter, Broadcaster & Curator of New Talent c/o BBC 'Upload'
Show Notes

Please welcome Bristol Broadcasting legend, new talent champion and curator of the "Upload Festival" Adam Crowther to The Good Listening To Podcast: The Story Behind Your Story Show! 

Adam Crowther presents BBC Upload 7-10pm every weekday on BBC Radio Bristol - which he’s presented since October 2018.

He has worked as a broadcaster and presenter across live events and radio as well as live streams and videos for BBC iPlayer.  Adam has spent most of his presenting career championing, encouraging and celebrating new talent - from musicians to writers, comedians and bloggers, Adam loves celebrating talent.

Adam is also an award winning social media expert. He’s managed social media brand accounts for the BBC (BBC Radio Bristol, BBC Breakfast and BBC Introducing in Shropshire) as well as a children’s charity in Birmingham. Adam has also created content for BBC Two and BBC masterbrand instagram accounts, covering premiers of Peaky Blinders and Blue Planet II.

“ Today you are you
That is truer than true
There is no one alive 
Who is you-er than you.” 

 The one and only Adam Crowther is inspired by these simple words from Dr Seuss. The choice reveals a lot about the broadcaster and his 24 carat authenticity. He appreciates honesty, expressed in accessible language. He is not 'hoity-toity' and has never wanted to be either. OK, he was cheeky in school. Yes, he sang in a band. And yes at 16, he was chosen to show the Prime Minister - Tony Blair! - around his school. On request, he even made the PM a cup of tea, under strict security supervision. 

After university in Aberystwyth, where he studied Drama, Adam became a Youth Worker and grew into becoming a pioneering broadcaster with BBC Bristol via BBC Radio WM In Birmingham. And this, despite underselling himself relentlessly at his first interview. Adam learned his lesson quickly and by way of reference, quotes Ray Charles’s mother in the biopic: “ I tell you once. I help you if you get it wrong. After that, you’re on your own.“ Adam was allowed that second chance and made the most of it. 

He pioneered a new take on Social Media strategy and execution for the BBC. He co-created Upload. Over time he has become less shy about banging his own drum - without becoming a secret narcissist. He readily acknowledges the benign influences of his parents, teachers and professional role models. Adam replaced his self-doubt/can’t-do stance with a more positive 'can-do' model. 

He is still only 30 something, now confident enough to be who he is - never happier than when helping others to thrive and shine. To discover their own voices! 

Adam confesses he is a perfectionist. He appreciates originality and has no time for the ‘near enough is good enough’ approach. He knows he has been very lucky and now wants to help create similar luck for others. 

Adam recently identified himself as bisexual. It is a simple matter of fact. He knows he is a consummate professional, not a drama queen. This lively conversation will convince you of that, right from the start.