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102 'Brand Strand' Episode - Alex Taskin Founder of Leadership Training Company, Passe Partout: The 'Personal Valets' To Your Success!

February 14, 2022 Chris Grimes - Facilitator. Coach. Motivational Comedian
Stories of Distinction & Genius
102 'Brand Strand' Episode - Alex Taskin Founder of Leadership Training Company, Passe Partout: The 'Personal Valets' To Your Success!
Show Notes

Welcome to the Clearing: Founder of Leadership Training Company Passe-Partout Alex Taskin - to tell us the ‘story behind the story’ of being Passe-Partout!

Join me and Founder Alex Taskin as she tells us how and why her Leadership, Coaching & Training Company Passe-Partout (.com) so enjoys analogising their founding story to the epic adventure story of “Around The World in 80 Days” by Jules Verne.

Not so much "Around the World in 80 Days" but "Around the World in Training Ways!"

In the story Passe Partout is of course the Personal Valet to intrepid adventurer Philleas Fogg.
Training Company Passer-Partout position themselves as being the 'Personal Valets to your success!' across all aspects of Leadership, Coaching & Wellbeing. 

What Alex Says About Herself:

I feel at the top of my game right now and get a real buzz out of helping people and businesses achieve positive change. What am I best at? I think in the nicest possible way, it’s pushing people, coaxing them to think clearly, to make 3-dimensional decisions and take action in ways they probably wouldn’t otherwise attempt.

A few stats: the other day we calculated that I have clocked up at least 20,000 training hours, about 15,000 in Organisational Development consultancy and just over 5000 in coaching. Scary figures, but they do kind of ratify my sense that I am getting the hang of it now!

Specialties: Coaching (for Executives, Managers and People in transition)
Helping teams and organisations develop and improve
Training on Leadership, Change, Relationships, Service Improvement and People Management
OD consultancy from diagnosis to return on investment
Investors in People
Positive psychology

What Can Horses Teach You About Running A Business?!

Leadership and Change Consultant Alex Taskin from the wonderful Passe-Partout Consulting Ltd likes to take the reins and spur people on to make changes in their life. But not just horses - she's a People whisperer too!

“My twin passions are coaching and horses,” she says. “And I'm so pleased finally to be putting the two together in a new venture into the world of Equine Assisted Learning.”

Sounds fascinating and anyone who loves horses will surely vouch for their intelligence and sensitive souls when it comes to helping humans. 

Recorded also as a LinkedIn LIVE Alex has huge experience as a business consultant having clocked up 20,000 training hours. That's Mastery right there!

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